GEAR UP Kentucky

GEAR UP Student Ambassadors

GU Ambassadors 2023 

GEAR UP Student Ambassadors participated in the 2023 GEAR UP Kentucky Institute for a College-Going Culture in Lexington, KY.

About GEAR UP Kentucky (GUK) Student Ambassadors

GUK high school students have the opportunity to engage with their peers by serving as Student Ambassadors. Ambassadors serve as local representatives of the statewide GUK project, as well as the voice of their peers to promote school cultures in which student voice is heard and respected. 

GUK Student Ambassadors partner with GUK staff to support GUK activities in their school, engage in community service activities, and/or discover and tell the stories of the students served by GUK through the FACES of GEAR UP campaign.

GUK Student of the Year Program

One Full Service Cohort* Student Ambassador from each district will be selected as GUK Student of the Year representative for their high school and be invited to attend an awards ceremony at the annual GEAR UP Kentucky Institute for a College-Going Culture. Students of the Year commit to serving as lead Student Ambassadors in the following school year, assisting in recruitment, planning and coordination of Ambassador activities. 

2023 GUK Students of the Year share why GEAR UP matters to them:

* Full Service Cohorts are comprised of students who began receiving GEAR UP Kentucky services in 7th grade. The Full Service Cohorts for this project are students in the graduating classes of 2025 and 2026.