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From GUK Student to GUK Coach - Meet Amari Burrell:

So, you’re a GEAR UP Kentucky student. What does that mean?

GEAR UP Kentucky's vision is "every student prepared for postsecondary success." We say "postsecondary" rather than college because we understand that not every student's path leads to a four-year college degree - but we also know that, in today's world and workforce, continuing your education after high school to earn a degree or credential is super important. For example, it can help you earn more money, get and keep a job, stay healthier, and be an active member of your community

What we mean when we say “postsecondary education” includes:

What is college

GEAR UP Kentucky is dedicated to helping YOU discover and pursue the right “match and fit” for YOUR interests, skills and needs.

Being a GEAR UP Kentucky student means that we are here to help you:

Talk to your GEAR UP Kentucky advisor to find out how you can get more involved!