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Welcome to the GEAR UP Kentucky Schools Resource Page!

A multitude of planning and information resources for GUK schools are offered here to give you a better understanding of what GEAR UP Kentucky offers your school and your students and families. More information is added regularly.  If you can’t access a link or can’t find a resource, let us know.

School Improvement Services

GEAR UP Kentucky School Improvement Services are designed to provide support, technical assistance, training, professional development, and resources to build and sustain a college-going culture in GUK schools. These services emphasize using data to make proactive decisions about student readiness, improve school practices and policy, and measure progress. Check out our School Improvement Services brochure here.

Direct Services for Students & Parents

Access program profiles, materials and curriculum guides for the five strategies of direct services for students and parents offered by GUK including GEAR UP-2-Learn, GEAR UP-2-College & Career, GEAR UP-2-Success, GEAR UP-2-Campus, and GEAR UP-2-Focus.

Family & Community Outreach Playbook for Schools

This playbook is designed to support integration of outreach resources into existing school communication channels with families and school community members. Schools may choose to use materials in part or in whole, and as a stand alone effort or as part of an existing parent outreach effort. The playbook is a living document and will change to fit the needs of our schools as we learn from each other and receive feedback from parents, families and school personnel.

Administrative Toolkit for GEAR UP Kentucky Schools

Here you’ll find resources related to GUK schools’ role in implementing the program including program overview and planning documents, information about budget processes and cost-sharing, staff contacts, and resources to introduce the GUK program to school stakeholders.