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Everybody Hates Chris Mentor Guide

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The Video

This guide has been designed to work in tandem with clips from the “Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor” episode of the Everybody Hates Chris television sit-com. Through a partnership with CBS television, GEAR UP Kentucky can provide access to this video free of charge to any family of a student in the GEAR UP Kentucky program. Please contact the GEAR UP College and Career Advisor at your child’s school for a password to view the video online or receive a copy on DVD.

The Mentor Guide

EverybodyHatesChrisParentsGuideCover This resource features four different sections for you to review with your student, based upon four separate clips of the show. Each individual section provides discussion questions and suggested actions to help your student prepare for college in a practical way. We suggest you view them in sequence so that the story of the episode makes sense. You can choose to do them one at a time, or all in one sitting. Each activity is approximately 15 minutes long. You’ll also find that the messages that we like to talk about at are included in this guide – if you haven’t already been there, visit to learn more about the four steps to college.

We recommend watching the clips and reading through the activity yourself before sitting down to do it with your student.