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Families and communities
are a priority in GEAR UP Kentucky!

We know our families and communities believe in the ability of their students to succeed, but need information and resources to support their dreams.

Your involvement is critical! Research shows that family support is the biggest factor in whether or not a child goes to college. This site provides activities and materials to give families and communities the knowledge, tools, and resources to be confidently involved in guiding and preparing students for college and career.

We use the words “parents,” “families,” “communities”, and “mentors” interchangeably in GEAR UP.  This is not an accident—we want to be inclusive of all those within the community who guide or support students in achieving their goals and dreams.  We believe “it takes a village” and each of us (and you) have had someone help us along the way.  So whether you are a parent, guardian, mentor, sibling, grandparent, or community member, welcome!

Introducing Dr G. and the 3 R’s

GEAR UP Kentucky has partnered with Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a respected parenting and youth development expert to bring you the 3 R’s of Parenting Series.  What’s the 3 R’s? Watch this brief video to find out, then contact your school’s College & Career Advisor to get a copy of one or all 3 books in the series.



GEAR UP Ky Family & Community Zone

In the Family & Community Zone you will find college planning tools and tips. Materials are organized into three age-appropriate zones: Middle School Zone (grades 7– 8), High School Zone (grades 9-10), and College & Career Savvy Zone (grades 11-12).


Take the LEAD

Why follow when you can lead? You can take your involvement to another level and earn a GEAR UP Local Education Advocate Diploma. This program offers more in-depth information related to college and career readiness also organized into three age-appropriate zones. The online courses are made up of several 15-20 minute exercises that use video, surveys, and other learning tools. It is self-paced so that you can determine what and when you want to learn.

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Family Buzz

Get information to help support your student’s college and career dreams right in your inbox! The GEAR UP Family Buzz email newsletter is sent out every other month and highlights the free resources and tools available to help you help your student!