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2017 Institute for a College-Going Commonwealth: Agenda, Videos & Conference Materials

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2017 Institute for a College-Going Commonwealth: Agenda, Videos & Conference Materials

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As research and practice both demonstrate, it takes a village to make our students successful and many people and systems influence their journey and the obstacles they will or will not encounter along the way. As the culminating event of the GEAR UP Kentucky project, the 2017 Institute for a College-Going Commonwealth brought together the diverse voices and perspectives of GEAR UP students and their key influencers to explore what it truly takes to ensure students are prepared for success in postsecondary education and/or the workforce – academically, financially, culturally, socially and emotionally.  National and state experts and facilitators led interactive sessions to explore student success through three themes:

  • READINESS: Students are academically and financially prepared for postsecondary education

  • RELEVANCE: Students find the value of education and understand its relationship to their goals

  • RESILIENCE: Students are socially and emotionally capable of succeeding in postsecondary education

Below are videos and materials related to the 2017 Institute; additional items will be added so check back often!





STUDENT LIVE MEDIA TEAM: Interviews with Institute Attendees


Thursday Breakout Sessions on Academic Readiness – 1:45 – 3 pm

  • Varied Perspectives on What it Means to Be Academically Ready with Ashley Perkins, The Collaborative for Teaching and Learning

  • Advising and Scheduling to Impact Student Academic Achievement  with Dr. Brett Zyromski,  Assistant Professor in Counselor Education at The Ohio State University

  • The First Year of College: How Colleges Can Help Your Student Succeed with Dr. Martha Sales, Executive Director of Intercultural Student Engagement Center & TRIO Programs, Western Kentucky University  

  • What Parents Need to Know About How Schools Work with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

  • Academically Prepared: What Do Our Students Need from their Coursework with the Collaborative for Teaching & Learning

Thursday Financial Readiness Breakout Sessions 2 – 3:15 – 4:30 pm

Friday Resilience Breakout Sessions 3 – 10:45 – 12 noon

Friday Relevance Breakout Sessions 4 – 1:45 – 3 pm

  • Making It All Stick – Following Through So Our Students Can Achieve Their Goals with Dr. Deborah Gilboa

  • The Learning Revolution with Greg Evans, Executive Director Seeds Training

  • The Student Voice Revolution: How to Engage & Empower Student Voice in Your School, Institution & Community with the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team

  • Advising and Counseling for College Match and Fit with Yana Kusayeva, Research Analyst, MDRC

  • Practicing Cultural Competence in Student Advising and Outreach with Dawn Offutt, Director for Program Services, GEAR UP Kentucky

  • Creating Community & Cross-Sector Partnerships to Support Student Success with Roland O’Daniel, CEO, Collaborative for Teaching and Learning

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