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250 Participate in 2016 Fall Family Campus Days

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250 Participate in 2016 Fall Family Campus Days

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GEAR UP Family Campus Days bring families as a unit (defined as parents/guardians/mentors/other significant adults along with their student) onto college campuses to receive information about the college planning process in general and the specifics of each university’s program offerings and campus life.

GEAR UP Family Campus Days also educate the adults in our students’ lives about what GEAR UP is and facilitates connections to GUK staff. At minimum, each campus day seeks to provide families the opportunity to connect with admissions, financial aid, housing, academic departments, student life, student retention services, and parent associations.

The fall series of 2016 Family Campus Days at Kentucky’s public universities began in September 2016 and included five universities. 

The 2016 Fall Family Campus Days included:

  •  Western Kentucky University’s Head for the Hill Day
  •  Murray State University’s Racer Day
  •  University of Louisville’s Cardinal Preview Day
  •  Eastern Kentucky University’s Spotlight Day
  •  Northern Kentucky University’s Black and Gold Day

Each event introduced families to the universities’ programs and services. Event formats differed across campuses but all programs included: parent and student sessions, department fairs, opportunities to interact with current students, campus tours, admissions and financial aid presentations, student life tables, and on-site admissions. 

In comparison to 2016 Spring Family Campus Days, the fall events saw a 50% increase in overall attendance from 167 to 250 and a 55% increase in the number of families attending from 78 to 121. With the exception of the South Central region, all GEAR UP regions had a greater than 50% increase in registrations, with the Northeast and Northwest regions each seeing an increase of 250 percent in individual registrations.  From spring 2016 to fall 2016 there was a 37% increase in the number of parents/guardians/mentors and other family members attending, and a 63% increase in the number of students attending.  

 Planning is in the works to offer campus days to the remaining public universities in spring 2017 including Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, and the University of Kentucky.





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